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Black Window Tint

Black Window Tint

Legal Window Tint

Legal Window Tint

This happens to be our personal vehicle. When we bought it, even the factory tinted glass in the back wasn't dark enough to keep our daughter's eyes shaded from the sun. She rides in a rear-facing car seat and the sun sneaks right in on her face. We put legal tint on the front two windows as required and then darkened the back windows with an extra 20% film. Now our daughter can enjoy the ride while still allowing mom to see out at night.

Car Window Tint

Car Window Tint

Here is a great example of legal window tint on a vehicle with a dark interior. It gives the vehicle that dark appearance everyone likes while still being within legal limits.

Window Tint for SUV

Window Tint for SUV

We offer a variety of brands, styles and colors. If we don't have it, we will order it for you. We have samples of our work on our personal vehicles. Come by anytime to see!

While Tennessee's state laws concerning automotive window tint are restrictive, you don't have to lose out on all the wonderful benefits of window tinting. 


Tennessee allows us to install window film that will meter as low as 32% (only 32% of light passing through the windows) on passengers cars and front doors of trucks, vans and SUV's while remaining legal.  

All factory automotive glass has a little hint of color in it that varies with each manufacturer, make and model.  This will effect the reading on a light meter when window film is installed. The lower the number metered, the darker the tint is. In order to remain legal, the window must meter at 32% once the tint is installed.

Our films start working for you the minute it's installed on your car, offering benefits beyond your needs. We use only the best brands with lifetime warranties. Our window film blocks up to 99 percent of damaging ultraviolet light and rejects as much as 61 percent of uncomfortable solar heat. You can experience these substantial benefits and stay legal.  It is good to know that you do not have to "black out" your windows to keep your vehicle cooler and protect it against fading.  Some the benefits are as follows: 


  • Interior Preservation

  • Reduced Hot Spots & Glare

  • Improved Comfort

  • Balanced Climate  

  • Increased Privacy

  • Aesthetic Enhancement


We back up our lifetime warranty with written documentation which you will receive at pick-up. Should you have any problems with peeling, bubbling or fading your tint is covered. We will replace the failing tint and you will continue to have lifetime coverage for as long as you own the vehicle.



Our residential & commercial window film offers warranties ranging from 10 years to life. This warranty covers the standard peeling, bubbling and fading as well as window breakage caused by the tint. We custom order our residential & commercial window tint to fit each customer's needs, so you have the largest selection of colors and features. We use only the top brands of window tint to ensure that our customers get the highest quality and best experience. Because our window films can reject up to 80 percent of the sun's total solar energy and block out almost 100 percent of harmful and damaging ultraviolet, you can experience these benefits after installation: 


  • Reduced interior heat in the summer months
    and retain radiant heat in the winter

  • Reduced utility costs

  • Improved occupant comfort

  • Reduced glare

  • Increased privacy

  • Extended air conditioning equipment life

  • Increased fade protection

  • Added protection from accidents, storms and burglars


In many cases we can quote your job over the phone when you call
with sizes and information, but we can come to your location to provide
a quote if needed. Call today for prices. You will be amazed at the
difference window tint makes on your home or office. 

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