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Mountain Valley Enterprises specializes in detailing automobiles, boats and RVs. We have many packages to fit your needs. In addition to standard professional detailing services, we also offer odor removal, headlight restoration, water spot removal, wet sanding, ceramic coatings, pet hair removal and so much more.

If your vehicle, boat or RV is showing its age, ask us how we can help today!



Every turn in the road poses a potential disaster for your vehicle’s exterior. Road salt, construction, road debris, loose gravel and more are all hazards for your vehicle's well-being. Our exterior detail is much more than a car wash. We remove all of the dirt and residue, buff and polish out scratches, and put a protective layer of high quality wax over your vehicle's rejuvenated paint. To bring back your vehicle's showroom shine, let us do an exterior detail on your vehicle today!



Inside your vehicle, kids, pets, smoking and normal use inflict dirt, grime and odors on the interior. Professional auto detailing on a routine basis will protect your vehicle from this damage. We use the best equipment and products to get your interior clean and looking "good as new." New or old, your interior deserves to look its best. We clean every crack and crevice, every knob and pocket. When you invest in an interior detail, you will feel the difference that a clean car can make in your daily routine.  Treat your vehicle - and yourself - to an interior detail. 


We have packages to fit any budget, starting at $35. For those customers on a tight budget, we can custom build you a package that will address your concerns while still staying within your budget. 


For those discerning customers who prefer to keep their vehicle in top condition all year long, we offer a monthly discount program in which customers receive deeply discounted rates on our signature detail package.

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